The Aramesh Journey

Aramesh has just been acquired and development has already started. As resources come onstream, the Aramesh vision will unfold in phases. We have already started testing the vision in small, creative programs that have shown surprising success and taught many lessons.
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The Nature of the Aramesh Journey

The Aramesh vision is daring and innovative. This vision calls for unusual ways to inspire creativity, healing and new purpose in individuals and communities. Aramesh has started small-scale activities that offer lessons for future expansion. There are several questions that will find answers through action.

Questions for the Journey

  • How can Aramesh best link creativity and realistic participation?
  • How can Aramesh best combine creativity, training, meditation and yoga?
  • What programs are best to start with?
  • How wide a range of age can programs involve?
  • What partnerships are most fruitful?
  • How can Aramesh best expand its impact on the Kenyan coast?