Aramesh will grow in phases.

  1. Phase I will consist of twenty ensuite bedrooms of 32.5m2 each, a meditation hall of 185m2 for 120 participants, dining facilities of over 128m2, and staff housing. In addition, there will be a yoga platform, healing rooms, an artists’ studio and a simple amphitheater for 70 people. Up to twenty tents can be situated on the meadow should demand be high. For students, there will be a students’ centre by the road. A separate project will involve commercial development at the roadside, and include shops and a crafts centre where artists and designers can experiment with and sell new designs.
  2. Phase II will consist of twenty additional ensuite bedrooms, bringing the total to 40 rooms. If feasible, there will be an amphitheatre for up to 500 people that will serve also as a community centre.
  3. Investor interest has encouraged the development of a feasibility of a real estate development.

During retreats, participants will be allocated to double occupancy rooms. Retreats will be followed by a holiday period.

Land use permits have been obtained, and site and topographical surveys, site clearing, master planning, and initial landscaping have been completed.