Physical Vision

Aramesh architecture will be Swahili Modern, to reflect the history of the region yet retain simplicity and beauty. Aramesh will rely on renewable energy, harvesting rain and recycling all waste water.


Landscaping will feature a Fibonacci spiral, local coral stone, and emphasize indigenous plants. The farm will comprise 4.5 acres growing vegetables and fruits. This will reduce the carbon footprint and also give participants life-enhancing opportunities to volunteer.

  • Private beach with stunning views
  • Ecologically conscious infrastructure
  • Organic farm
  • Rich local culture
  • A lovely garden surrounded by low hills
  • Indigenous coastal vegetation

A very special place

Our beautiful green areas watched over by resplendent baobab trees slope gracefully onto a private beach with a cozy cave, perfect for cooling down after a refreshing swim

Relaxing ambience

Aramesh has been designed to elicit a feeling of calm and tranquil satisfaction through its architecture and programmes


The site is designed to provide a peaceful and comfortable setting while solving environmental issues in its vicinity.