The Site

Aramesh is on Funzi Island, on the South Coast of Kenya facing the Indian Ocean. The 11-acre site has a beachfront bordered by rocky outcrops, lending substantial privacy. Low hills form an amphitheatre that faces the ocean, where the buildings will be situated. These hills overlook a large meadow, where tents can be pitched. A tamarind tree gives ample shade for yoga and meditation. To the north of the meadow are terraces sprouting coconut trees, and to the south, is an amphitheatre for over 70 people for intimate talks and performances.
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Landscape design by Tufaha Africa will focus on the meadow and test the hope that landscaping with indigenous plants and trees can offer beauty. Over 300 indigenous trees will be planted in the meadow and beyond. The meadow features a Fibonacci spiral flanked on the north and south by terraces. The north terrace has already sprouted coconut trees, while the south terrace forms an amphitheatre for over 70 people. Near the south terrace is the tamarind tree under which a platform for yoga and meditation will be made from recycled plastic. Construction of the buildings will enable rainwater catchment and storage, as well as recycling of grey and black water to feed the meadow.

The Farm

A farm for basic vegetables, maize and pulses has started and will grow to 4.5 acres in line with the expansion of the facilities at Aramesh. The aim of this farm is also to provide opportunities for participants to establish a nurturant connection with the earth. Citrus and other local fruit trees will also be planted.

Location and Access

Aramesh is at the northern part of Funzi Island, near a newly-constructed causeway that connects the island to the mainland. The site is about a 35-minute drive south of Diani airport.

  • Construction of a hard-surface road has started, and should shorten the travel time to about 25 minutes.
  • The bypass allowing vehicles to drive north to Mombasa airport is well under way.
  • A four-lane expansion of the trunk road to Tanzania, funded by the African Development Bank, should cut the trip to Mombasa to an hour is also planned.
  • A privately owned airstrip is nearby on the island.

Nearby Tourist Destinations

The famous Kisite Marine Park, the Mangrove Wetlands and the Shimba Hills are short drives from Aramesh. Funzi Village is a good walk away.