Author, Visionary, Artist, Thinker

Dr Rafique Keshavjee

Dr Keshavjee has had about seven careers, mostly in international higher education planning, reform and review.

He spend part of his time writing Рfirst a memoir, now fiction, and consulted in the burgeoning field of higher education and community-based environmental resilience in the developing world.


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Andrew is a man of discipline, vigor and unwavering steadfastness. Qualities easily visible in his relentless dedication to the Aramesh vision. He shares the vision of Aramesh as it unfolds; each day moment by moment, fervently praying that we shall all experience the self reflection needed to became what we are meant to be in our ultimate fullness while leading purpose driven life following our bliss.

Andrew supervises the myriad day to day activities, developments and projects at Aramesh which include construction, farming and management of personnel and inventory.