The Aramesh Vision

There is a dire need for profound yet practical ways for people to connect with one another. People yearn to connect across boundaries of ethnicity, race, class, nationality and religion for spiritual growth, healing, peace, as well as for creativity and innovation.


Aramesh on Funzi Island in Kenya offers a beautiful setting for this to take place.


Aramesh will provide renowned and talented individuals and groups to conduct:

  1. Meditation, yoga and healing retreats.
  2. Residencies for talented artists and writers.
  3. Community engagement in programs and performances.
  4. Other retreats to transform organizational cultures.
  5. Festivals and performances arising from the residencies.

The Meaning of Aramesh

Aramesh means tranquility in the Shirazi language, an aspect of Persian culture that has influenced this corner of Kenya.


Aramesh will partner with local communities, as well as with creatives and organizations in Kwale County through outreach programmes in schools. These partnerships will nurture young talent in debate, writing, dispute resolution and self-expression in the arts.

Innovation Workshops

Aramesh will host corporate retreats aimed enhancing corporate culture and efficacy. Other workshops will bring together innovators, civil society and investors aimed at practical solutions to opportunities such as sustainable fishing, farming and environmental innovation.


Aramesh will invite renowned teachers to healing, yoga and meditation retreats. This crucial “magnet” effect sets Aramesh apart from other places that merely offer a location for such activities. For example, Adyashanti has expressed keen interest in holding a retreat at Aramesh.
Creative Retreats
Aramesh will provide residencies for talented Kenyan artists, composers and writers to spend time on their creative work in quiet beauty. There will be opportunities for community programs with talented youth, as well as participation in festivals.